ADELAIDE CITY - what is it about?

ADELAIDE. A CITY OF LITTLE OVER one million inhabitants. Adelaide has managed to produce more than its fair share of the good things in life. Many of Australia's top chefs began their careers in Adelaide, among them Sydney restaurateur Christine Manfield (author of the award-winning book "Spice"), Genevieve Harris, Bethany Finn, and Philip Searle. Then, of course, there's culinary legend Cheong Liew, who remains the driving force behind much of the city's gastronomic activity.

A city of wide, leafy streets and elegant architecture, Adelaide offers a warm welcome and a chance for discerning food lovers to indulge their senses. Adelaide is home to the Central Market - one of the world's best - has its own Chinatown, and dozens of fine restaurants and wine bars specialising in local produce, wines and beers.



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